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How to Create a Blog Article in a Right Design & SEO Way

Sat, Nov 18, 23

Creating an Article. P1. Working With Text and Images.

Getting Started

1) Prepare the images in Photoshop with high resolution (but not more than 2500 px in width)
  • Use "Save for Web" option with 80-100% quality for best SEO and speed.
    how to save an image properly from Photoshop

  • Hero image. For better text reading experience on a motley background add black layer with 50% opacity in Photoshop. Best size for the Hero Image: 1920X980 or 2500X1400 px.
    how to add a black layer with transparency

2) Prepare the text

  • Clear all texts from formatting, using an online tool Text Cleanr or similar
  • Divide text into paragraphs (don't use more than 5-7 lines of text in one paragraph)

  • Think about Headings, Subheadings, External Links, Internal Links, Quotes, Additional information, Related Categories.

3) Add a Styles to your text in Shopify text editor (for more advanced users html editor)
  • For highlighting with the color use our Main Brand Color:  #B4151B 

  • For secondary and unimportant texts use one of our Brand Grey Colors:  #777777 

  • Keep Dynamics when selecting Text Styles (keep it professional and entertaining)

  • Avoid broken styles by saving and checking the results often enough (Shopify Editor works not so smoothly, it depends on your accuracy in the process)
    Note: in the most of the cases you need to wait 5-15 seconds before the changes will Apply to the page.

  • To reset the Styles you have added using Shopify Text Editor, or before applying the other Styles, please use "Clear Formatting" button

    Note: "Clear Formatting" button doesn't apply to the text, added from somewhere else (word documents, other websites etc.)




    Creating an Article. P2. Styling The Article.


    Creating Consistency

    1) Spaces and Text Sizes Adjustments

    • Set the same Spaces between paragraphs: Use large spaces between Parts / Chapters and smaller spaces between Paragraphs

    • Use the same spaces sizes through all the Articles. You should have 3-4 main spaces sizes (Large, Middle, Small, XSmall). It can be made by clicking Shift+Enter 1-5 times

    • Use one type of Headings for "Chapter" Headings (eg. H2), another for "Paragraphs" Headings (H3), another for Subheadings and so on. 



    Follow our Brand Guidelines, Image Sizes, Gaps, Texting Style Through All The Articles
    — Oleksandr Sendziuk



    2) Add a Links, Quotes, Pictures with description

    • Make sure you have added 3-4 links to an internal resources (it can be products, other articles, ranches etc.) and 1-2 external links (partners websites, useful recourses, etc.) within one article. This is really important for SEO and google robots

    • Always use New Window in a link settings and add a clear Link Title
      link settings

    3) Animation for Media Content

    • You will need to use html-editor for adding an animation
      html editor it Shopify Article Editor

    • We have 2 types of Animation we can apply to an images or videos. All you have to do is to add a code  class="admin-images-animation"  or  class="admin-images-animation-2"  (the difference is in the angle, from which animation starts: left or right) inside the media content styles in html code
      adding an animation custom code

    • If you need to add an animation to an iframe code, use  <div class="admin-images-animation" style="self-align: center;">  before an opening iframe tag and  </div>  after a closing iframe tag.
      adding an animation to an iframe

    4) Add an Excerpt

    • Add a short article description, which will be shown right after the heading in the Articles List. Try to do it the same size in all the Articles. The optimal length is 3-5 lines of text. But it also depends on the Main Heading length. You should find the optimal solution.

    • We have unplugged the Styles options from Excerpt, to keep consistency in the Blog Page. So please do not use Excerpt Text Editor for Styling.
    Note: You can find an Excerpt right under the content part (before SEO section)How to add an Excerpt




    Creating an Article. P3. Adding YouTube / Vimeo / Other iframe Videos


    1) Add an iframe

    • Click an Insert Video Button
      insert Video button

    • Add an iframe from your video resource
      iframe code example

      * iframe code example


    2) Add a scroll animation

    • Go to HTML editor and find your video iframe code

    • Add a code  class="admin-images-animation"  or   class="admin-images-animation-2"  (the difference is in the angle, from which animation starts: left or right) inside the media div code
      Adding a custom animation div tag example




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