We partner with plants and ranches that practice ethical cattle farming and are USDA-certified for adhering to the humane treatment of animals in their care. This allows us to sustain healthier beef that is all-natural, high in nutrients, and free of hormones and antibiotics.

Our beef is so nutritional and top quality that we decided to create a movement around it, which we call The New Era of Beef. The New Era of Beef is about an era focused on change. An Era where we break societal norms and redefine the meat industry as we know it by educating consumers on the importance of knowing where their beef comes from. And encouraging meat lovers from around the world to understand how huge of an impact factors like the animal’s diet, ethical cattle farming, and humane treatment have on the overall quality of the beef they consume.

 We want to bring beef back to every household. That starts with getting consumers to know the benefits of high-quality beef, which stems from knowing and trusting the source of where your beef comes from.

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Rafael Hernandez

The Mr. Meat Master docu-series focuses on discovering
where the best beef comes from.

Rafael Hernandez and his dedicated team are a driving force in the food and meat industry. Their plan is to introduce the world’s best beef to as many talented and experienced chefs as possible.

Tag along on this journey and discover everything there is to know about the meat industry—including the best cuts and Mr. Meat Master’s rise in international beef distribution.

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