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New Era Of Beef
New Era Of Beef
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World’s Finest Beef Delivered Straight to Your Door

Always worth it, the Japanese Wagyu Ribeye has marbling that is “good fat” distinguished through the streak that slowly melts and bastes the beef making it almost impossible not to taste the juicy, tender, and meaty delight.
Similar to the Porterhouse Steak, the T-Bone is slightly smaller (1/2 to 1 1/4 inch) in diameter. This well marbled, hand cut steak is often referred to as the “king of steaks”.
They're cut flanken-style, which means cut across the bone so that each piece contains 3-4 small pieces of bone between areas of meat, making it perfect for dishes like Korean BBQ.
The ribeye is easily the single most delicious cut of steak. This cut is so highly sought after that it could be hard to find at certain shops. This boneless steak isn’t too firm, has beautiful marbling and is known...
If you're looking to savor a delicious yet manageable meal for one, the Porterhouse is more tender due to its higher fat content.
The outside skirt steak is perfect for the grill. This cut beautiful marbling making it overpacked with flavors. It’s rich tenderness and high flavor
Our New York Steak is full of flavor, tenderness, and juiciness that discerning chefs and retailers have come to trust. Our Authentic Black Angus is naturally superior in genetics.
The Filet Mignon is cut from the tenderloin. And the selling point of the tenderloin should come as no surprise – tender is in the name.
Picanha is a cut of beef first made popular in Brazil, and later adopted in Portugal. It consists of the biceps femoris muscle and its fat cap.
The Cowboy is a true steak lovers' choice. This thick, bone-in ribeye is generously marbled and ideal for two. This beautiful cut is known for its mouth-watering flavor.
The Tomahawk steak is more than visually appealing. It’s a thick high-quality cut that provides a premium culinary experience. The large bone left in the cut contains a vast amount of collagen that melts into the surrounding meat when grilled,...
If you are looking for a delicious, tender, and a flavorful cut of beef, then you'll love the Denver Steak. This cut comes from the chuck roll of the cow, and it's quickly becoming one of the most popular cuts...
As one of the most sought-after cuts of Japanese wagyu steaks, the Filet mignon has a rich sweetness to it. The marbling in this cut makes the meat buttery in flavor and tender when it comes to texture.

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Certified Humanly Treated, No Added Hormones, and No Antibiotics Product’s.

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The Mr. Meat Master Butcher Shop is bringing the best beef in the world to the Miami Hard Rock stadium.

As the first Butcher Shop in football league history at the Hard Rock Stadium, we are offering fans a unique tailgating experience like never before. Fans tailgating outside the stadium can now personally come inside the shop and purchase all their tailgating needs. We’re the stadium's one-stop shop for all things game day, so outside of our premium steak cuts, we also offer black Angus burgers, hot dogs, buns, seasonings, beer, snacks and so much MORE!

Why The Mr. Meat Master Program

Real taste can't be faked. It must be cultivated.

The key to excellent beef relates to the process the meat goes through before it reaches your table, as well as the benefits of ethical cattle farming. When our livestock is treated with respect and taken care of properly (this includes a healthy, hormone-free diet), it can lead to a high-quality product.

Consulting the most knowledgeable veterinarians lets us comprehend what scientifically makes the best line of cattle. Understanding their genetics, lineage, and other contributing factors.

Watch The Life is Beautiful

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Rafael Hernandez

The Mr. Meat Master docu-series focuses on discovering
where the best beef comes from.

Rafael Hernandez and his dedicated team are a driving force in the food and meat industry. Their plan is to introduce the world’s best beef to as many talented and experienced chefs as possible.

Tag along on this journey and discover everything there is to know about the meat industry—including the best cuts and Mr. Meat Master’s rise in international beef distribution.

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