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Rafael's Story

Rafael Hernandez is committed to changing the way the world appreciates the finest quality meat and offers his support to several top food gourmet brands.

He is driven by his passion for the industry and is continuously strivingto learn how to distribute the best cuts and contribute to exceptional meals.

He makes sure to place his focus on sustainable manufacturing and production processes, encouraging ethical cattle farming and the humane treatment of animals.

Mr. Meat Master works with and supports brands like Creekstone Farms, Tajima Wagyu, Carrara Wagyu, Jack Creek Wagyu, and W. Black Wagyu.

Rafael's life of representing and influencing the world of premiere foods sprang from humble beginnings.

His family migrated from Mexico to Florida as field workers. Valuing the “natural” had been part of his background for as long as he can remember.

Rather than just buying meat and poultry from low-grade companies, he began to wonder if there were other options, such as buying from ethical wholesalers that could offer a better product at a reduced price.

Once he had graduated from college, he started to work at a food company in Boca Raton, taking the opportunity to connect with people who would eventually become industry titans.

That was the moment his life changed forever, and what started out as a small idea when Rafael was 14 eventually grew into Mr. Meat Master.

As he sold chicken and beef in a small convenience store, he knew he could make this work better.


“The Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium are world-class organizations, so this is an ideal partnership for us,” said Mr. Meat Master CEO Rafael Hernandez. “We look forward to introducing Dolphins fans to the incomparable taste of Mr. Meat Master beef.”

The indulgence doesn’t end when the football season stops. Mr. Meat Master is about to launch its e-commerce, and everyone will be able to order all the Mr. Meat Master premium beef from the website and have it delivered straight
to their door.

This partnership is sure to be a winning combination. Mr. Meat Master and the Miami Dolphins - two powerhouses
coming together to bring the ultimate game day experience.

Mr. Meat Master distributes premium, human treated ethical cattle farming. CEO and founder Rafael Hernandez is a local.